3/5/2018 – WOD

a) Back Squat –  5×5 @ 75-80% (Pause in the bottom on every rep)
b) One Arm High Pulls – 4×12 (slow tempo on the way down)

15 Min AMRAP
10 Hang Power Cleans 135/95#
10 Front Rack Lunges 135/95#
10 Push Jerk 135/95#
25/20 Cal Bike

WOD Notes: TD = 4-5 rd. Barbell should feel very light to where you can do all 30 reps unbroken the first round, but you will have to break it up every round after that. Heats will stagger 90 sec apart with advanced athletes going first.

a) Strict C2B Pull-ups (supinated grip) – 5×12 or accumulate 60 reps. Scale = 20 negatives
b) Weighted Plank: 8 sets: 45 sec on/ 45 sec off (heavier than last wk)

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