6/25/2020 – WOD

Every 2:30 x 5 Sets
a) Clean (full) – 5 Reps @ 70% (stay light)
b) DB Shoulder Press – 8 Reps (3 sec eccentric)
—Each set should take roughly 1:30, so you get 1 min of rest

10 Min AMRAP Ladder
1 Dball Over Shoulder 125/80#
2 Cal Ski
2 Dball Over Shoulder 
4/3 Cal Ski
3 Dball Over Shoulder 
6/5 Cal Ski
4 Dball Over Shoulder 
8/7 Cal Ski
*Follow Pattern until 10 Minutes is up

WOD Notes: Goal is to get into round of 7+. Dball should feel relatively light, but not a paper weight. Focus on squeezing butt on extension & don’t over arch back as ball is going over shoulder!

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