9/10/2020 – WOD

Hang Snatch – 2 Reps every 75 sec x 10 Sets @ 75-85%
—You may go from under or above the knee. Go for a PR if you feel good.

10 Min AMRAP
6 GI Janes  (RX+ = 6 Bar MU)
12 DB Hang Snatches 60/40#
40 Double Unders
—Rest as much as needed
250ft VersaClimber For Time

WOD Notes: Goal is 5+ rds & sub 75 sec on the Versaclimber. DB should feel light to where you can pick it up right away. You don’t have to alternate arms (6R+6L). DU sub = 20 DU or 60 singles.

a) L-Sit/Tuck – Accumulate 2 minutes
b) Banded Adduction – 4×15 Each Leg

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