10/19/2020 – WOD

a) Front Rack Lunges – 5×8 (heavier than last wk – 1st set can be light)
b) Strict Pull-ups – 5×6 (5 Sec Eccentric every rep). Advanced = weighted
—Superset a/b every 2:30

9 Deadlifts 295/195#
15 T2B
21/18 Cal Row

WOD Notes: Goal is 12-17 min. T2B sub = Toe through rings, v-ups, or hollow rocks. If you scale reps on t2b, finish the remaining reps in v-ups or hollow rocks. DL = 60% (should feel challenging for 9 reps). You should be able to do a few touch n go reps each set.

a) DB Reverse Flies – 4×15
b) 10 DB Bicep Curls + 60ft Gun Walk – 4 sets

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