11/11/2020 – WOD

Hang Clean – 1 Rep Every 1:15 x 10 Sets
—Work up to a heavy single & try to match what you did last wk or more!

15 Deadlift 255/175# (55%)
12 DB Bench Press (heavy)
10 Hip Thrusts 255/175#
20/16 Cal Ski

WOD Notes: Goal is 15-19 min. You should be able to touch n go the DL at least 5 reps at a time. Use same weight for the hip thrusts & try to pause each rep for a sec! DB Bench & Hip thrusts should be a little heavier than last wk! Pace the ski erg until the last round!

Weighted Sit-ups – 8×15 (rest 30 sec between sets)

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