11/21/2020 – WOD

30 Min AMRAP
30 Clusters (m: 135/185#) (f: 95/125#)
40 GI Janes
100m Bear Hug Dball/Bag Carry 125/80#
150m Sled Drag 70/45#

WOD Notes: Goal is 3+ rds. RD 1&2 = 135/95#. RD 3+ = 185/125#. It’s “you go, I go” for the clusters/GI Janes. I’d recommend switching every rep on the clusters & every 3 on the GI Janes. Once you’re finished GI Janes, Partner A will Bear Hug Carry to the curb across street while Partner B Sled Drags to the Cantel Sign. You will switch when you’re done. You should be able to run with sled so that you finish close to your partner carrying the ball/bag. 

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