2/24/2021 – WOD

Sumo Deadlift – 15 min to work up to a heavy single

10 Strict C2B PU or 15 Kip C2B or 8-10 Muscle-ups
20 Russian KB Swings 88/70#
25/20 Cal Row

WOD Notes: Goal is 13-17 min. This is all posterior chain work today. You can choose whatever PU version you want to work on. If you plan on doing the Open & want to practice kipping choose that option. If you want to work on strength, do strict Pu (either w/ or w/o a band). If you have muscle-ups and want to do them that’s fine as well. There’s only 2 88# KB, so you may have to share & stagger the start.

a) DB Bicep Curls – 4×10 (focus on slow eccentric)
b) Side Plank – 6×30 Sec (each side – put DB on hip)

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