9/2/2021 – WOD

a) Barbell Hip Thrusts – 5×10 (pause top of each rep – heavy!)
b) DB Incline Bench Press – 5×8 (load 2 45’s under one end of bench)
—superset a/b every 3 minutes¬†

15 Min AMRAP
25 T2B
50 Burpees
75 Wall Balls 20/14# to 10ft

WOD Notes: Goal is 1.5-2 rounds. Complete T2B in 5 sets or less. Complete WB in 6 sets or less. T2b sub = V-ups or weighted leg raises. Find a pace and stick to it on the burpees and wall balls.

a) L-sit Tapovers – 5×12
b) Hip Adduction (rower seat) – 3×10 each leg

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