10/7/2021 – WOD

a) Deadlift – 20 Min to Work up to a Heavy Single
b) DB Bench Press – 5×8 (3 Sec eccentric each rep)
—Superset a/b as needed. Focus on the DL towards the end. If you don’t want to go above 90% on the DL, you can just do 3×5 @ 70%

10 Min AMRAP
10 Burpees
10 (5R+5L) Hang DB Snatch 70/45#

WOD Notes: Goal is 7+ rds. Snatches should feel moderately heavy. You will do 5 in a row with one arm before you switch. 

a) L-Sit/Tuck (Pegboard) – Accumulate 3 minutes
b) Glute Ham Raises or GHD Hip Extensions – 4×12 (weighted)

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