3/14/2023 – WOD

a) Deadlift – Find a heavy single (90%+), then 1×10-15 @ 70-75%
b) DB Lateral Raises – 4×10 (pause/slow eccentric)
—Superset a/b as needed. Should be able to finish in 15 minutes or less

20 RFT w/ Partner (interval)
3 Clean n Jerk (increase after 10 rds) (m: 185/215#, f: 125/145#)
10/8 Cal Ski  (RX+ = 12/10)

WOD Notes: Goal is to be :45-:60 sec/rd, so that you finish under 20 min. This is a similar format to last tues, but the interval will be about 15-20 sec longer. Partner A will do a full round while partner B rests. Continue pattern for all 20 rounds. You should be sprinting the ski every round!

a) DB Reverse Flies – 4×15
b) Tabata Hollow Rocks: 10 Rounds (advanced use band)

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