3/23/2023 – WOD

a) Halting Snatch + Full Snatch – 1 Set every 75 Sec x 12 Sets. Start @ 60% & work up to heavy complex
b) Supinated Grip Pendlay Rows – 4×10 (heavier than last wk)
—Halting Snatch = Pause at knee for a sec (keep lats/back tight). You may stay light on all sets & work technique if necessary. Do all of part (a) before moving on to part (b).

Conditioning (Time Cap = 15 min)
For Time
100 Laps Sandbag Shuttle Carry (shoulder) 125/90#
***Every 3 minutes, starting at 0:00 do 15 Burpees to Target  (RX+ = 20)

WOD Notes: Goal is to to get under the 15 min cap. 1 Lap = 5 mats. Try to shoot for 15-20 laps/rd. Burpees should take 60-75 sec max. 

a) L-Sit/Tuck (pegboard): 6×30 Sec (rest as needed)
b) Tibialis Raises – 4×12

3/22/2023 – WOD

a) Jerk (rack) – 5×5 @ 75-80% (build to heavy set)
b) GHR Raises (GHD) or Hamstring Sliders – 4×12
—Superset a/b every 3 minutes. You can just work the eccentric part of GHR, if you can’t do the concentric part.

10-1 Reps of:
Thrusters 115/75#  (RX+ = 135/95#)
C2B Pull-ups
***40 Double Unders after each rd

WOD Notes: Goal is sub 12 minutes. Thrusters should be unbroken every rd & break up pull-ups as needed. You may sub chin over bar or banded/pulley pull-ups but make them challenging for each rep range. DU sub = 20-25/rd, 50 singles, or 80ft versa climber (but that’s a lot of walking back and forth.)

a) DB Lateral Raises + Front Raises – 3×12 each
b) GHD Sit-ups – 8×12 (weighted) w/ partner – One person works while other rests

3/21/2023 – WOD

a) Power Clean + Hang Power Clean: 1 Set EMOM x 5, 1 Set Every 90 Sec x 5
b) RDL – 3×10 @ 65%+ (use straps)
—Start @ 70% & work up to a heavy complex by the end. If you want to just do a heavy single power clean once you’ve reached your max for the complex you can do that. Try to go right into part (b) after you finish part (a). 

10 RFT
4 Power Clean 185/125#  (RX+ = 205/135#)
8 DB Bench Press (heavy)
12/10 Cal Assault Bike

WOD Notes: Goal is sub 20 minutes. You should have to take a few extra sec after the cleans before you start DB BP. They should be unbroken, but really feel challenging by the 7-8th set. PC = 70% (quick singles but should feel somewhat challenging). You may leave monitors running so that you don’t have to worry about counting your rds.

a) Hollow Hold: Tabata 10 Rounds
b) DB Reverse Flies – 4×12 (pause + slow eccentric)

3/20/2023 – WOD

a) Back Squat – 1×14, 1×10, 1×6, 1×4, 1×2
b) DB Pull-over – 5×8 (heavy)
—Superset a/b every 3:30. Shoot for 65/70/80/85/90% for the squats.

15 Min AMRAP
20/16 Cal Ski
15 Plate Ground to Overhead 55/45#  (RX+ = 65/55#)
40 Sec Weighted Wall Sit 55/45# Plate (RX+ = 65/55#)

WOD Notes: Goal is 5+ rds. You will do the plate G to OH under the rig, so that you can transition to the weighted wall sit quickly. Place the plate standing up in your hip crease as you place hands at the side of plate (sit at parallel). You may scale the weight of the plate if necessary. 

a) Weighted Plank – 10 Sets: 30 sec on / 30 sec off (heavy)
b) One Arm High Pulls – 4×12 each arm

3/18/2023 – WOD

For Time w/ Partner
800m Run
50 GI Janes
60 Hang Power Cleans 165/110#
100 Back Rack Step-ups 135/95#
60 Hang Power Cleans 165/110#
50 GI Janes
800m Run

WOD Notes: Goal is sub 25 minutes. If it’s too cold for you to run you can do 50 Cal Assault Bike or 400ft versa. HPC = 60% (should be able to string 10 at a time). You will run together and work at the same time for the GI Janes.

3/16/2023 – WOD

a) Hi Hang Snatch – 5×2
b) Hang Snatch – 5×2
c) Full Snatch – 5×1
-Part (a) is first 5 min, Part (b) 2nd 5 min, Part (c) 3rd 5 min. You will get an extra minute between them. Try to work up to a heavy set for each position
d) Supinated Grip Pendlay Rows – 4×10

100 Wall Balls For Time 30/20# (10/9.5ft)
***Every 90 Sec, starting at 0:00 do:
10 DB Snatches 60/40#
10 T2B

WOD Notes: Goal is 8-12 minutes. DB snatches should feel light and WB heavier or what you normally use. Try to avg 15-18 WB per round. The most sets of Db snatches/T2B will be 7, then you will just finish with the wall balls if if takes that long. You may scale back T2B to 8 if necessary.

a) Straight Arm Lat Pulldown – 4×10 (control eccentric)
b) Tib Raises: 4×15

3/15/2023 – WOD

a) Bench Press – Work up to a quick heavy single, then 4×5 (pause) @ 75%
b) One Arm Farmers Carry/Hold – 4×30 Sec/arm (heavy!) – use straps
—Superset a/b as needed. 15 Min Clock to get this work done.

18 Min AMRAP
30/24 Cal Row
10 Laps Bear Hug Carry 125/90#
5 Wall Walks (RX+ = 7 WW or 72ft HSW)

WOD Notes: Goal is 4+ rds. 1 lap = 5 mats for the carry which should be done unbroken each rd. WW sub = 10 shoulder taps/WW, 5 elevated inch worms, or 15 burpees.

a) GHD Sit-ups – 8×10 (weighted)
b) Barbell Bicep Curls + Tricep Pushdowns (pulley) – 4×10 each

3/14/2023 – WOD

a) Deadlift – Find a heavy single (90%+), then 1×10-15 @ 70-75%
b) DB Lateral Raises – 4×10 (pause/slow eccentric)
—Superset a/b as needed. Should be able to finish in 15 minutes or less

20 RFT w/ Partner (interval)
3 Clean n Jerk (increase after 10 rds) (m: 185/215#, f: 125/145#)
10/8 Cal Ski  (RX+ = 12/10)

WOD Notes: Goal is to be :45-:60 sec/rd, so that you finish under 20 min. This is a similar format to last tues, but the interval will be about 15-20 sec longer. Partner A will do a full round while partner B rests. Continue pattern for all 20 rounds. You should be sprinting the ski every round!

a) DB Reverse Flies – 4×15
b) Tabata Hollow Rocks: 10 Rounds (advanced use band)

3/13/2023 – WOD

a) Back Squat – 1×12, 1×10, 1×8, 1×6, 1×4 (start @ 65% for 12 rep)
b) Strict Pull-ups – 5×10 (normal grip: advanced = weighted)
—Superset a/b every 3:30. Try to make each set challenging for the squats. You may break up pull-ups as needed. If you can do a strict pu, try for as many as you can and finish with a band if necessary.

15 Min AMRAP
40 Double Unders
10/8 Cal Assault Bike
5 Devil Cleans 70/50#

WOD Notes: Goal is 7+ rds. DU sub = 20 DU, 30 sec attempts, or 60 SU. DC should be heavier than what you normally use for Devil Press. 

a) Weighted Plank: 6×45 Sec (heavy as possible & rest as needed between)
b) One Arm High Pulls – 4×10 each arm

3/11/2023 – WOD

Conditioning “40 min cap”
For Time w/ Partner
30 (Cluster + Thruster) – Increase after 20 (m: 135/185#) (f: 95/125#)
80 T2B
300/240 Cal Row
80 T2B
30 (Cluster + Thruster) – Decrease after 20 (m: 185/135#) (f: 125/95#)

WOD Notes: Goal is sub 35 minutes. One person is working at a time for this entire workout. You will do 20 reps with the heavier weight the 2nd round on the barbell. T2B sub = T2R, weighted su/leg raises. Try to sprint the row everytime you get on it, since you have rest.