5/16/2023 – WOD

Strength “20 Min Clock”
a) Jerk (rack) – 5×4 @ 80%+ (build to heavy set of 4)
b) Hamstring Work – 4×10 (GHR or Sliders) 
c) Strict Press – 2×10 @ 75%
—Superset a/b every 3:30. Do part (c) immediately after.

2 Min AMRAP x 10 w/ Partner (interval style)
50 Double Unders 
7/6/5/4/3 (by rd) Clean n Jerk (increase)
Max Cal Ski

WOD Notes: Goal is to have 30-45 secs to SPRINT on the ski erg each rd! Score = total cals. There are no RX weights for this WOD, but shoot for 55/60/65/70/80% by rd. DU should take no more than 40 secs, so stick to certain # of reps each round or just do 40 secs of DU attempts. You may also do 50-70 singles or 100ft versa climber.

a) Hollow Rocks – 6 Sets: 45 Sec on / 45 Sec off (Advanced = weighted)
b) DB Reverse Flies (incline bench) – 5×10 (slow eccentric)

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