9/13/2023 – WOD

a) Deadlift – 5×6 @ 70-80% (build to heavy set of 6)
b) DB Lateral Raises – 5×8 (control eccentric)
—Superset a/b every 3:30. You may touch n go DL, but no bouncing

10 DB Bench Press (heavy)
60 Double Unders
20/16 Cal Row

WOD Notes: Goal is 13-16 minutes. DB bench – Should feel like you almost going to fail on the 10th rep each rd. If you get to rep 7 & it still feels easy, slow down the tempo & don’t rush through the reps. DU sub = 100 singles, 30 DU, or 120ft versa. 

a) GHD Sit-ups – 10×10 Weighted (rest while partner goes)
b) Face Pulls – 4×12 (pause at the end of each rep for at least 2 secs)

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