3/7/2013 – WOD

15 Min To Work up to a heavy Snatch or just work on technique for novices (You may do power or squat)

6 Rounds For Time
6 Front Squat 155/105lb (50% of 1RM Front Squat)
6 Push Jerk 155/105lb
6 Back Rack BB Walking Lunges 155/105lb
6 Lap shuttle run

WOD Notes: You must use the same weight for all 3 movements. If you have a mobility issue with front squats, you may substitute back squats for this workout, but go a littler heavier than you would for front squats.

Announcement: Open WOD 13.1 has been announced. Click on the link for workout description and demo.

—-Agenda for Open WOD 13.1 @ CFRAGE is as follows:

8:00am – CFRage opens for warm-up (those who will perform the wod at 9am should arrive)
8:40am – Standards meeting/announcements
9:00am – Heat 1 starts
9:25am – Heat 2 starts
9:50am – Heat 3 starts
10:15am – Heat 4 starts
10:40am – Heat 5 starts

***I will have a heat sign-up sheet available tomorrow. There is a maximum of 10 people/heat. If you aren’t going to be at Rage until Saturday, please email me and let me know what heat you plan on working out in. Remember, you are responsible for your own warm-up and make sure you allow yourself at least 45 min for warm-up so that your body is ready to rage! We will run additional heats if necessary.
***I need 2 volunteers to judge as well. Please let me know if you’re interested.


3/6/2013 – WOD

Weighted/Banded Strict Pull-ups 3×5 (Heavy as possible)

7 Rounds For Time
10 KB Swings 88/53lb
10 Chest/Bar Pull-ups (Scale: Chin to bar)
25 Double Unders (Scale: 75 singles)
Then Immediately after WOD:
Row 1,000m

WOD Notes: The row is included in the WOD time, but I still want you to record your 1,000m row as well.

-Open WOD 13.1 is announced today at 8pm. The workout demo will be live with CrossFit Games athletes Dan Bailey & Scott Panchik. Don’t miss it!


3/5/2013 – WOD

*Nice job to everyone to yesterday on their Back Squat PR’s and “Fight Gone Bad”. Keep up the great work!

A) 7×1 (1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Power Clean) *Work up to a heavy 1RM for this complex
B) Weighted Push-up 5×3 (Choose a weight that will be difficult for 3 reps each set)

12 Min AMRAP
5 Power Clean 205/135lb (70-75% of 1RM)
10 Burpees (Straight arm finish 6″)
5 Hang Power Clean 205/135lb (70-75% of 1RM)
15 HR Push-ups


Open Announcements & News

1) Wednesday March 6th @ 8pm Open WOD #1 is announced (I’m thinking its the 7min amrap of burpees)

2) Saturday March 9th CF Rage hosts Open WOD #1 – Athletes may arrive @ 8am to start warming up. There will be a standards meeting @ 8:45am, but please make sure to watch the movements standards beforehand on Each athlete will have their own judge, who will make sure each athlete follows movement standards. The first heat will start at 9am sharp, so if you plan on being in the first heat, please arrive early to warm-up. You may ask a coach for advice on what to do for a warm-up. Whatever the WOD is will determine the number of heats. If you want to perform your best, please consider using friday as a rest day. Let’s Rage!

What’s the Deal with the Open (Shared from the CrossFit Games Page “”)
-There’s been some chatter at the box lately about this Crossfit Open thing… As much as we all talk about it, I think there are still some people wondering “What’s the deal with the open!?”Those of us who have participated are SUPER, almost excessively, ridiculously excited about it. I feel like some newer members and those who have not yet participated maybe are afraid to knock it out loud for fear of getting an earful of Crossfit Crazy thrown at the them… But I have heard some honest conversation about why so and so doesn’t want to register, and it’s $20 and yadda, yadda, yadda… blah, blah, blah. The truth is that EVERYONE should register for the open.So I am going to tell you why the Open is important to me in the hopes that maybe you will relate and see its value and decide for yourself to get in the game.Things to keep in mind:
1) You WILL be doing the Open WODs. Thursday night is “The NIGHT” but so is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (At Rage it will be Saturday am)) As I recall, whether you officially ”sign up for the Open” or not, you WILL do the WOD. So might as well sign up:)

2) Participating in the Open is NOT about competing in the “Games.” What I mean is that “I am not trying to go the Games” is NOT a valid reason to not sign up for the Open. Last year, over 70,000 people participated in the Open and 490 people competed at the Crossfit Games as individuals, teams, and masters. That means 0.7% of Crossfit Open Athletes GO to the games and MAYBE 3%-5% actually have a chance of making it that far! The Open is for the WHOLE Crossfit community and that includes you.

In my opinion, the Open is five beautiful weeks of opportunity… It’s the opportunity to get outside of your comfort zone and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s an opportunity to learn, to grow as an athlete and as a person. And isn’t that why you Crossfit?! To become a better athlete and/or person!? The Open is an opportunity to participate in something BIG… and big events create big moments…

3) Sign-up for a class feature – I’m not requiring that you sign-up for a class quite yet, but if you want to play around with the feature go ahead. Click on the drop down arrow “Schedule a WOD”- Select date/time you would like to sign up (you may repeat days for the week, month, etc)-press “Next”-press “Book Now”-you may login with Facebook or Google or select “click here for first-time user”. Enter your first, last name, email and password, then “Register and Book”. You’re all set!

4) Philly Cow Share – If anyone is interested in sharing an 1/8 of a cow please let me know. We are not going to do the buying club, like I had on the blog a week ago since you have to buy a lot of product to receive a discount. Here is the link to the cow share:

5) May 18th – CF Rage 1 year anniversary/open house – More details to come, so save the date!

3/4/2013 – WOD

Back Squat 1×3 (80%), 1×2 (90%), 4×1 (95-100%)

Conditioning (Compare to 8/18/2012)
“Fight Gone Bad” (Benchmark WOD)
3 Rounds for total reps: 1min each movement
Wall Balls 20/14lb
SDLHP 75/55lb
Box Jumps 20/18″
Push Press 75/55lb
Row (Calories)
—Rest 1 minute after each round

3x Max Effort L-Sit, Weighted Plank, GHD Hold


3/1/2013 – WOD

15 Min to work on GOATS

EMOM for 15 Min
-2 Power Snatches 155/115lb (75% of 1RM Power Snatch)
-2 Muscle-ups (sub: 1 tire flip)
-120′ Shuttle Run (2 Laps)

WOD Notes: The Goal is to go all 15 minutes, compleing all work within each minute. You may scale weight and work on technique for the power snatch. How long can you go?

2/28/2013 – WOD

Rack Jerk 1×3 (70%), 1×2 (80%), 5×1 (Find 1RM)

20 Min AMRAP
6 Box Jumps 33/27″
12 Chest/Bar Pull-ups
18 Wall Balls 20/14lb
*Row 1k at the 10 Min Mark

WOD Notes: For the Rack Jerk you may do a push jerk or split jerk from the front rack only. Try to set a new PR or work on technique. At the 10 min mark, stop where you are in the AMRAP and row 1k. Pick up where you left off in the AMRAP, when finished the 1k row.


2/27/2013 – WOD

Deadlift 7×2 (70-75% of 1RM) *Focus on fast pull off ground. Go a little heavier than last week as long as speed is maintained.

10-20-30-20-10 Reps
Bar Facing Burpees
KB Swings 70/53lb
*Top of every minute do 1 Deadlift @ 70% of your 1RM.


3×12 GHD Back Extensions


2/26/2013 – WOD

Shoulder Press 5×3 (Work up to a heavy 3RM)

12 Min AMRAP
6 Handstand Push-ups 6″/2″ Deficit
8 Hang Power Cleans 155/115lb
10 Front Rack BB Lunges 155/115lb

3x ME L-Sit Hold, Plank, GHD Hold

WOD Notes: Scaling for the HSPU are stacking multiple abmats to reduce the range of motion, elevating feet on a box maintaining pike position, or HR Push-ups. 55-60% of your 1RM HPC should be used. The same weight should be used for the HPC and Lunges.