3/11/2023 – WOD

Conditioning “40 min cap”
For Time w/ Partner
30 (Cluster + Thruster) – Increase after 20 (m: 135/185#) (f: 95/125#)
80 T2B
300/240 Cal Row
80 T2B
30 (Cluster + Thruster) – Decrease after 20 (m: 185/135#) (f: 125/95#)

WOD Notes: Goal is sub 35 minutes. One person is working at a time for this entire workout. You will do 20 reps with the heavier weight the 2nd round on the barbell. T2B sub = T2R, weighted su/leg raises. Try to sprint the row everytime you get on it, since you have rest.

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