3/9/2023 – WOD

Snatch – No Brush Snatch + Full Snatch: 12 Sets @ 65-75%
—Stay light today & work on technique. 1 Set every 90 Sec.

3 RFT w/ Partner
10 Wall Walks
20 Dball Over Shoulder 150/115#
30 C2B
40 Box Jump Overs 30/24″

WOD Notes: Goal is 17-21 minutes. WW sub = Move hands over a line further from wall or 8-10 shoulder taps/WW. Dball should be heavier than normal. C2B sub = chin over bar or banded pu. You may split up the work as needed.

a) GHD Sit-ups: 6×15 (weighted heavier than usual)
b) Dips (ring/bar): 5×10

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