3/16/2023 – WOD

a) Hi Hang Snatch – 5×2
b) Hang Snatch – 5×2
c) Full Snatch – 5×1
-Part (a) is first 5 min, Part (b) 2nd 5 min, Part (c) 3rd 5 min. You will get an extra minute between them. Try to work up to a heavy set for each position
d) Supinated Grip Pendlay Rows – 4×10

100 Wall Balls For Time 30/20# (10/9.5ft)
***Every 90 Sec, starting at 0:00 do:
10 DB Snatches 60/40#
10 T2B

WOD Notes: Goal is 8-12 minutes. DB snatches should feel light and WB heavier or what you normally use. Try to avg 15-18 WB per round. The most sets of Db snatches/T2B will be 7, then you will just finish with the wall balls if if takes that long. You may scale back T2B to 8 if necessary.

a) Straight Arm Lat Pulldown – 4×10 (control eccentric)
b) Tib Raises: 4×15

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