5/25/2023 – WOD

Snatch – Floor + Below Knee + Above Knee: 1 Set every 90 Sec x 8 Sets
—Stay between 65-75%.You may work up to a heavy set at the end if you feel good. This complex is in reverse from last week.

20 T2B  (RX+ = 25)
25 Burpees to Target
150 Yard Sandbag Carry (Shoulder) 150/115# – heavy

WOD Notes: Goal is 12-16 minutes. T2B sub = T2R, GHD SU, or incline bench leg raises. The sandbag carry is to the “Evoqua” sign & back in. Try to jog slowly or walk very fast with the bag. You will have the sandbags outside to start carry each rd.

a) Barbell Bent-over Rows (supinated grip) – 4×10 (heavy)
b) Trunk Rotations (cable) – 3×10 (each side)
c) Tibialis Raises – 4×15

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