4/18/2013 – WOD

Pendlay Rows 5×5 (Heavy)

5 Rounds For Time
8 Ring Dips
10 Chest/Bar Pull-ups
12 Wall Balls 20/14lb
—Rest 2 min when finished the 5th Rd
30 GI Janes for Time

WOD Notes: Make sure your torso stays parallel to the ground throughout the pull on the rows. Scaling for ring dips are 12 HR push-ups. Scaling for chest/bar is chin over bar. Record time for the WOD and a separate time for the GI Janes.


4/17/2013 – WOD

2 Power Cleans EMOM for 12 Min (4×70%, 4×75%, 4×80%, 8×85%, 4×90%)

Buy In: Row 750m
6 Rounds
5 Deadlifts 275/185lb (55-60% of 1RM)
25 Double Unders
Buy Out: Row 750m

3×12 Back Extensions (weighted)

WOD Notes: The Deadlifts must be dropped after each repetition (no touch & go reps). This will prevent anyone from bouncing the weights and will force you to focus on technique with each pull.


4/16/2013 – WOD

A) Shoulder Press 3x Max Effort (75-80% of 1RM)
B) Push Press 3x Max Effort (75-80% of 1RM)

3 Rounds For Time
12 HSPU 4″/2″ Deficit
21 KB Swings 70/53lb
Run 400m

3x Max Effort L-Sit, Weighted Plank, or GHD Hold

WOD Notes: This WOD is another fairly short one (9-12 min for Elite, 13+ for advanced-novice) so remember to ramp up the intensity. For the strength portion, your goal is to get 6-10 reps. Scaling for the HSPU are push presses @ 60% of your 1RM.


4/15/2013 – WOD

Front Squat 1×5 (75%), 1×3 (85%), 3×1 (95-100% – Find 1RM), 3×2 (90%)

Overhead Squat 115/75lb
Burpee Box Jumps 24/20″
Med ball Sit-ups 20/14lb
—Rest 5 minutes
Row 3x200m All Out! (Rest 90 sec between efforts)

WOD Notes: This WOD is designed to be a short one (Less than 10 minutes), so be prepared to move quickly unlike the birthday WOD on saturday, which required much more aerobic capacity! Overhead squats require increased mobility in the shoulders, so make sure to go lighter. You may substitute front squats or back squats for scaling, but go a little heavier. Med ball sit-ups will be performed facing the wall, where you will throw the ball towards the wall each rep.


4/13/2013 – WOD

“Birthday WOD Chipper” – 4/13/84

Light the Candles: 800m Run
4 – Rope Climbs 20′
13 Bear Complex 155/115lb
13 – Strict Chest/Bar Pull-ups
13 – Burpees
13 – KB Swings 88lb/53lb
13 – Ring Muscle-Ups
13 – Hang Power Clean 155/115lb
13 – Handstand Push-ups 8″ Deficit
13 – Box Jumps 30″/24″
13 – Pistols
13 – GI Janes
13 – Toes To Bar
13 – Unbroken High Wall Balls to 12/10′ Target 20/14lb
13 – Calorie Row
84 – Double Unders
Blow out Candles: 800m Run

WOD Notes: There are some high level gymnastic movements in this WOD, which many of you will have to scale. We will go over ways you can scale each movement. Myself, Dan, and Jeff will be performing this WOD with the 10am class. Let’s have fun with this one Ragers!

4/12/2013 – WOD

15 Min to work on GOATS

6 Rounds For Total Reps
—30 Sec of Work / 10 seconds rest transition to next station
Tire Flips
HR Push-ups
Rope Climb 20′
Farmers Carry 70/53lb KB (Mat to Mat = 1 Lap)
Air Dyne  (Calories)

—Rest 1 minute after Air Dyne each round

WOD Notes: ¬†Score is total reps for all 6 rounds. Make sure you cut off the Farmers Carry a few seconds early, so that you allow time to rotate to Air Dyne for all 30 seconds! You may partner up on the tire flips, if it’s too heavy. Scaling for rope climbs are up/downs. We will stagger heats 1 minute apart so that everyone can go through the circuit in the same order.

4/11/2013 – WOD

12 Min to Find 1RM Snatch (Squat is preferred)

5 Rounds For Time (Each round is all out)
6 Thrusters 175/125lb (70% 1RM)
30 Double Unders
250m Row
—Rest 2 min between rounds
***Score is total time minus 8 minutes of rest

WOD Notes: This is an interval style WOD, so make sure to give 100% every round!! Thrusters should be unbroken each round, but must be heavy. Scaling for double unders is 75 singles.


4/10/2013 – WOD

Weighted/Banded Chest/Bar Pull-ups 4xMax Effort (choose weight/band that will limit you to 8-10 reps)

5 Rounds For Time
10 Behind The Neck BB Lunges 185/125lb
12 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
Run 400m

WOD Notes: We are running again today, since weather is supposed to be nice again. The weight for the lunges should be 45-50% of your 1RM Back Squat. Scaling for the pull-ups is chin over bar.


4/9/2013 – WOD

Press Complex 5x (3 Shoulder Press, 2 Push Press, 1 Push Jerk)
—The weight used for this complex should be your 3RM Shoulder Press. The Push Press & Push Jerk are in the complex to work on technique.

3 Rounds For Time
10 Clean n Jerk 205/135lb (65% of 1RM)
Run 800m

WOD Notes: It’s going to be another nice day outside, so be prepared to run in this WOD. The Clean n Jerk weight in this WOD is designed to be fairly heavy, so work on technique during the lifts. The runs should be paced except for the last 800m, which should be ALL OUT!


4/8/2013 – WOD

Front Squat 5×3 (85-90% of 1RM)

10 Rounds For Time
3 Hang Squat Clean 175/125lb (60% 1RM)
6 Bar Facing Burpees
9 KB Swings 70/53lb

WOD Notes: The time domain for this WOD is designed to be anywhere from 12-20 minutes. Go lighter on the KB, so that you will be able to keep on moving. The HSC should start to feel heavy towards the end. All 3 movements should be performed unbroken if possible.