10/10/2017 – WOD

Push Press – 10×2 @ 92%
—Do 1 set every 60 sec (use rack if necessary)

Complete 10 Rounds With a Partner (relay style)
10 Push Jerk 175/115# (60%)
15 T2B
20/15 Cal Ski
—Partner B will go when Partner A gets to 15/8 cals on ski

WOD Notes: TD = 1:30-2min/rd. Each partner does 5 rounds. This WOD focuses on the upper body compared to yesterdays WOD, which was lower body. If there are more than 8 athletes in a class, those athletes that missed yesterday’s WOD should row instead. Jerks shouldn’t feel heavy the first round, but should start to get challenging by the 3rd rd. T2B should be unbroken every round. If you have trouble linking scale reps to 10/round. Ski Erg is all out!

a) RDL (clean grip) – 7×3 @ 77-80% of DL
b) One Arm High Pulls – 5×12 (same weight as last wk)
c) Hollow Rocks – 200 For Time. Scale = 100.

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