2/11/2020 – WOD

Every 3 min x 5 sets
a) Good Mornings (BB) – 6 reps (little heavier than last wk. (35%+ of DL)
b) DB Shoulder Press – 8 reps (heavy)
c) DB Bicep Curls – 8 reps (both arms at same time)

10 Rounds (interval – w/ a partner)
10 DB Snatches (alternating) 80/50#
15 T2B
200ft Versa Climber

WOD Notes: Each partner will do 5 rounds “you go, I go”. Try to really sprint the versa climber because you will have rest each round! Goal is to hold 150ft/min+ even during the later rounds! You should be able to cycle through snatches fast while switching in the air. T2b sub = toe through ring or 15 knee above hips! No wasting time on T2b! Shoot for less than 2 min rounds!

Ab Rollout (rings) – 5×15 Reps

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