3/23/2020 – WOD

8 Deadlift 275/185#
16 Lateral Burpees over Bar

WOD Notes: If you have more weights, work up to a few heavy triples for DL (3×3 @ 80%+). DL weight in the WOD should be around 60% (should be able to do quick sets of 3-4 reps touch n go). Burpee standard = stand up all the way for each burpee! Goal is sub 12!

“Minimal Equipment Version”
12 Min AMRAP Ladder
3 Weighted Burpees 50/35# DB’s
3 DB Squats
6 Weighted Burpees
6 DB Squats
9 Weighted Burpees
9 DB Squats

WOD Notes: If you only have one DB that’s ok, just alternate arms each rep & do Goblet Squats (hold DB vertical). Goal is to get to & beyond rd of 21. Note: It will be much easier to get more reps with one DB, since you’re moving less weight throughout the WOD.

Announcement: We have been doing “At Home” Workouts now for over a week! I hope you all have been following the Rage programming each day! Please remember to keep tagging CrossFit Rage in your Instagram posts/stories!! I miss you all very much & hope we can get back into the gym sooner than later! 

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