3/27/2020 – WOD

Do the following on an Assault Bike / Rower / Ski Erg:
20 Cal FT  or  Run 200m
—Rest 1 minute
40 Cal FT  or  Run 400m
—Rest 2 minutes
60 Cal FT  or  Run 600m
—Rest 3 minutes
80 Cal FT  or  Run 800m
—Rest 4 minutes
100 Cal FT or Run 1000m

WOD Notes: Record your time for all 5 sets. CHALLENGE = Can you do this with a partner & get it done within each time window?! For example, you & your partner must do 20 cal each in 2 minutes, 80 cal in 4 minutes, and so on…Fast transitions will be key, so be fast!! 

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