5/19/2020 – WOD

5pm Weightlifting Zoom Class
Password: 749383

5:45pm Zoom WOD
Meeting ID: 773 1431 3723
Password: 4T6Eu2

2 Position Snatch – 1 Set Every 90 sec x 8 sets @ 65-85%
—Floor + Above Knee. Build to heavier than last weeks 3 position.

8 Box Jumps (high)
12 DB Bench Press (heavy)
15 Russian KB Swings 88/70#
20/16 Cal Row

WOD Notes: Goal is 15-19 min (3-3:30/rd). Try to use a tall box for the box jumps so that you have to really load & jump high! Remember to pull knees up & land in a deep squat & stand to finish the rep. DB BP should be heavy for 12 unbroken each round. If you don’t have heavy DB’s, slow the tempo down. If you don’t have a KB, you can use either one or 2 DB’s.

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