2/27/2021 – WOD

45 Min Running Clock – Partner WOD
100/80 Cal Assault Bike
120 DB Snatches (alternating) 50/35#
—Max Snatch by the 15 Min Mark
100/80 Cal Assault Bike
100 DB Hang Cleans 50/35#
—Max Clean by the 30 Min Mark
100/80 Cal Assault Bike
80 DB Thrusters 50/35#
—Max Jerk by the 45 Min Mark
100/80 Cal Ski For Time at the 45:00 Min Mark

WOD Notes: Goal is to have 5+ min at the end to max out snatch/clean/jerk. You should be able to get in 3-4 attempts in that time. You may use a rack for the jerk. DB’s should feel light to where you can do 10 at a time before you switch.

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