10/16/2021 – WOD

Conditioning (35 min cap)
2 RFT w/ Partner
50 Thrusters (m: 135/155) (f: 95/105)
400 Double Unders
30 Power Cleans (m: 185/225) (f: 125/135#)
10 Rope Climbs 20ft
400m Sled Drag 150/115#

WOD Notes: Goal is sub 35 min. Double Unders & sled drag are the only 2 movements where you’re working at the same time. DU sub = 1/2 DU or 500 singles. RC sub = climb to 12-15ft or 2x up/downs or 3x pulleys. 

Announcement: Tomorrow is the last week of this 6 week session for Lil Ragers. We will be starting up another 6 week session November 6th. Tell your friends about it!

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