12/21/2021 – WOD

a) Bench Press – 5×5 @ (2-5# heavier than last wk)
b) 15-20 Sec Flutter Kicks + 15-20 Sec Over/Unders x 5 Sets
—Superset a/b every 3 minutes

10 Min AMRAP Ladder
2 Deadlifts (65%)
2 GI Janes
4 Deadlifts
4 GI Janes
6 Deadlifts
6 GI Janes
***Continue with pattern until 10 min is up. Score = total reps.
Rest 3 minutes then:
For Time
20 Slam Balls 50/30#
10 GI Janes

WOD Notes: Goal is to get to the round of 14. RX would be 295/195# to give you reference. You should be able to touch n go most of reps or do quick singles. It should feel moderately heavy. Pick up PU bar above your height if you can do a strict pull-up. The SB/GIJ WOD should take less than 90 sec, so try to sprint!

a) Straight Arm Pull Down (pulley) – 4×10
b) Tricep Pushdown (pulley) – 4×10

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