1/13/2022 – WOD

Clean + Hang Clean + 2 Jerks x 5 Sets @ 70-85%
—One set every 1:45. Heavier than last wk

6 Rounds (interval)
5 Clean n Jerk (m:185/205/225#) (f:125/135/145#)
8 DB Bench Press (heavy)
20/16 Cal Row
—Rest 1 minute between rounds

WOD Notes: This is meant to be a little lower intensity where you take your time & focus on technique with CnJ & go heavy with DB Bench for 8 reps. The row is in there to get your HR up a little bit, but don’t feel the need to go crazy fast on it. You will switch weights every 2 rounds. CnJ = 60/70/75% by rd.

a) L-Sit/Tuck (Pegboard) – 20 Sec on / 40 Sec off: 5 Sets
b) Hip Abduction (monkey feet) – 3×12 (each leg)

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