1/15/2022 – WOD

Conditioning “30 min clock”
50-40-30 Reps of:
Power Snatches (m: 95/135/155#) (f: 65/95/105#)
Double Dutch Burpees
—Rest 2 minutes
30-40-50 Reps of:
Thrusters (m: 155/135/95#) (f: 105/95/65#)
C2B Pull-ups  (RX+ = 16/20/24 Bar MU)
At the 30 min Mark:
800m Run (200m w/ Sandbag/ball + 600m Run)

WOD Notes: Goal is to have a few minutes rest before the run. Yes – I know its going to be under 20 degrees out. If you don’t want to run you can Versa Climb 800ft w/ a partner (alt every 100ft), Bike/Row/Ski – 80 Cals. The goal is to use the same (3) weights for both the snatches & thrusters, but you can adjust as needed. First barbell should feel light to where you can touch n go a bunch of reps at a time. 2nd/3rd bar should be quick singles. C2B sub = Chin over bar, banded pu, or pulleys (use kb).

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