5/10/2022 – WOD

a) RDL – 5×5 @ 75-77%
b) Parallette Push-ups – 5×15-20 (advanced = Weighted less reps)
—Superset a/b every 3 minutes. First rep starts from top of DL

10 (DB Clean + DB Hang Clean) 50/35#  (RX+ = 60/40#)
15 T2B  (RX+ = 20)
400m Run

WOD Notes: Goal is 12-16 minutes. You should be able to run somewhat fast each round since the T2B or sit-ups should let HR drop a little. Try to go unbroken or break up DB complex once. T2B sub = T2R or weighted su/leg raises. Grip will also be taxed if you’re doing T2B.

a) 30 Sec Russian Twists + 30 Sec Hollow Rocks – 5 Sets
b) DB Skull Crushers – 4×8 (5 sec eccentric)

REMINDER: Tues 5/10: Jim’s Sports Massage will be at Rage from 4-7pm. Sign-up on the class sign-up sheet at the bottom tab. $25/20 minutes.

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