9/13/2022 – WOD

a) Halting Snatch + Slow Pull Snatch + Full Snatch – 1 Set Every 2:30 x 5
b) Snatch Pulls – 3×5 @ 110% of your Snatch
—Do part a first, then right into part b. Focus on uppercutting bar with hips then pull as high as you can. You may do cleans instead if you want.

10 Min AMRAP
6 Power Snatches 155/105#
25/20 Cal Ski
9 Power Snatches 155/105#
25/20 Cal Ski
12 Power Snatches 155/105#
***Max Cal Ski in remaining time

WOD Notes: Goal is to have 2+ minutes at the end to ski for max cals. PS = 70% (should be quick singles, but not feel super light). Score = total cals

a) Weighted Cable Crunches (pulley) – 4×12-15
b) Straight Arm Lat Pulldown – 4×10 (heavy)

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