9/15/2022 – WOD

Strength “18 Min Clock”
a) Deadlift – Quick heavy single (90%) in less than 5 minutes
b) Single Leg RDL – 4×10 (each leg – elevate rear leg on bench)
c) Incline DB Bench Press – 5×10 (heavy)
—Part a should take less than 5 min then go right to supersetting b/c. Work with someone else to minimize cleanup time.

18 Min AMRAP w/ Partner
50/40 Cal Assault Bike
8 Wall Walks  (RX+ = 50ft HSW)
16 Dball/Bag over Shoulder 125/90# (RX+ = 150/100#)

WOD Notes: Goal is to get to the 5th rd of the bike. Once you finish the bike each round, Partner A will do the 4 WW & Partner B will do 8 Dball over the shoulder. You will then switch & do the other movement.

a) Glute Ham Raises or Banded Leg Curls – 4×10
b) Barbell Skull Crushers – 4×10

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