11/10/2022 – WOD

a) Barbell Hip Thrusts (pause each rep) – 4×10
b) DB Lunges (hold weights at side) – 4×10
c) Incline DB Bench Press – 5×8 (heavy)
—Superset a/b back to back with minimal rest. You will have to go a little lighter on the lunges. You can rest at least 45-60 sec before doing part (c) each rd. Do 1 set every 4 minutes. You will do one extra set of Incline BP.

For Time
25 GI Janes
10 Laps Bear Hug Carry 125/80#
250 Double Unders
10 Laps Bear Hug Carry 125/80#
25 GI Janes

WOD Notes: Goal is 11-15 min. Use a pull-up bar that’s just above your reach if you can do an unassisted strict pu. Goal is to go unbroken on the bear hug carry, but if you have to drop it once that’s ok. 1 Lap = 6 mats. DU sub = 250 line hop overs, 150 lateral bar hop overs, or 500ft versa.

a) DB Bicep Curls + DB Skull Crushers – 4×12 each
b) Pallof Press + 1 rotation – 4×12 each side
—The Nov Pull-up challenge reps are in the WOD today!

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