7/2/2024 – WOD

a) Strict Press – 5×8 @ 70-75% (heavy)
b) Good Mornings – 4×10
—Superset a/b every 3 minutes. Stay light on part (b) if you don’t do them often & work on maintaining a neutral spine. You may use the same bar for both parts if necessary.

20 Min AMRAP w/ Partner
50/40 Cal Assault Bike
30 C2B Pull-ups
30 Push Jerks (increasing by rd)

WOD Notes: Goal is to get 3-4 rounds. C2B sub = chin over bar or banded pu. PJ = M: 155/175/195/215#, F: 105/115/125/145#. Start @ 55% of PJ max. Break up the work as needed with a partner. The entire WOD is “you go, I go”.

a) Banded Hollow Rocks – 30 sec on / 30 sec off x 8 Sets
b) Tricep Pushdowns (pulley) – 4×10

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