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1/7/2019 – WOD

Max Set of T2B or 1 Min AMRAP (if you can’t link)
—Scale to Toe to Ring or knee ups

Sumo Deadlift – 5×5 @ 75%

Conditioning (15 Min Cap)
12/9 Cal Assault (20/15 AD)
9 SDHP 135/95#
6 Muscle-ups (3 Ring + 3 Bar) or 8 GI Janes

WOD Notes: This WOD is designed to be under 12 minutes so push the pace especially on the bike. SDHP should be touch n go for most of them or do very quick singles. You may do all Bar MU if you can’t do ring or vice versa.

a) Weighted Plank – 10 sets: 30 on / 30 off (heavy)
b) Strict Pull-ups – 5 EMOM for 10 minutes (RX+ = C2B)

1/5/2019 – WOD

Conditioning (Partner WOD)
30 Clean n Jerks 165/105#
6 Rope Climbs (RX+ = Legless) (Partner holds BB in Front Rack)
60 One Arm OH Lunges 70/45# DB
30 Double Dutch Burpees (face bar)

WOD Notes: Shoot for 12 minute rounds or less. CnJ = 60% (moderately heavy). You will switch back and forth each rep. RC scale = 3 pulleys/rc or 2-3 up/downs. Partner B must hold BB in front rack when Partner A is on RC. Switch every 10 reps on the OH lunges, make transitions quick! Each DD Burpee = 1 rep, so you are doing 30 burpees each!

1/3/2019 – WOD

Clean n Jerk – 1 rep EMOM for 12 minutes
—Start @ 70% & work up to a heavy single by the end of the EMOM

5k Row For Time With a Partner (split up into 500m intervals)
*8-12 reps – Heavy DB Bench Press (while partner rows)

WOD Notes: Each partner will row 5x500m. The goal is to row within 10 sec of your PR 500m time each round so that should be around 90-95% effort. When you’re done the 500m row, you will hop off rest at least 30-45 sec, then do your 8-12 reps of DB Bench Press. It should feel like you’re failing by rep 12. Record 5k row time on whiteboard!

1/2/2019 – WOD


a) Back Squat – Work up to a heavy single (no tempo), then 1xME @ 70% (10-15 reps)
b) One Arm High Pulls – 4×8 (slow tempo on the way down – go lighter)

12 Min AMRAP Ladder
3 Thrusters 95/65# (RX+ = 115/75#)
3 C2B Pull-ups
20 Double Unders
6 Thrusters 95/65#
6 C2B Pull-ups
30 Double Unders
9 Thrusters 95/65#
9 C2B Pull-ups
40 Double Unders
12 Thrusters 95/65#
12 C2B Pull-ups
50 Double Unders
***Climb ladder until the 12 minutes is up

WOD Notes: Goal is to get through the rd of 18’s. Thrusters should be unbroken through the round of 12 and feel light. If you have to break them up that’s fine, just minimize your rest time. C2B scale = chin over bar or banded pu. DU scale = 1/2 DU or 2x singles.

1/1/2019 – Happy New Year

***OPEN GYM: 1-4pm today***

30 Sec Wall Sit (with 150/100# Dball)
5 Lap Dball Carry on (L) Shoulder 150/100#
20/15 Cal Ski
5 Lap Dball Carry on (R) Shoulder 150/100#

WOD Notes: Try to avg 3 min rounds. The ball must sit back in your lap (hip crease), not on your knees. You will do your wall sit under the Rig and leave ski ergs by the other wall.

12/31/2018 – NYE WOD

Conditioning (Partner WOD)
19 Min AMRAP
12 Power Snatches 165/105#
31 Cal Assault (31 AD or 22 assault for women)
20 Burpee DB Cleans 70/45# (partner hangs on pull-up bar)
18 Syncro T2B

WOD Notes: Shoot for 3+ rds. PS = 75%. The bike should be broken up into 2 sprints (1/person). You should switch every 5 reps for the burpee DB cleans (partner has to hang from pu bar). If you can’t syncro the T2B, you still have to do 18 each (36 total).

Tuesday (New Years Day)
Open Gym: 1-4pm

12/29/2018 – WOD

Conditioning (Partner WOD)
40 Hang Power Clean 185/125#
60 Double Dutch Burpees (face the bar)
80 Wall Balls 30/20# to 10/9ft
Run 600m

WOD Notes: Goal is to avg 9-12 min rounds. You may break up the work anyway you’d like. HPC/WB – only one person works at a time. Double Dutch burpees/Run are together. HPC = 65%.

8am – Open Gym
9am & 10am classes
11am-2pm – Open Gym

TUESDAY (New Years Day)