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2/27/2019 – WOD

Snatch (full) – 5×3 @ 70-90% (one set every 2 min)
—Try to do the 3 reps in under 30 secs & hit the same weight as last wk (was 2 reps).

12 Thrusters 115/75#
25 Double Unders
9 Power Cleans 115/75#
25 Double Unders
6 Power Snatches 115/75#
25 Double Unders

WOD Notes: Goal is to avg 3-4 min per rd (each segment should take less than 1 min – 3 segments/rd). RX+ = 135/95#, INT = 95/65#, SC = 75/45#. Barbell should feel light to where you can go unbroken on the thrusters & do quick singles on the PC/PS.

a) DB Skull Crushers – 4×12
b) GHD Sit-ups – 4×25

REMINDER: Lost & Found items are being thrown out Friday March 1st! Claim anything that is yours!

2/26/2019 – WOD

a) Shoulder Press – 4×10 @ 70%
b) Strict Pull-ups – 4×10-15 reps (use a band to get at least 10 reps)
—superset a/b

Conditioning (Partner WOD)
18 Min AMRAP
20 Dball Over Shoulder 150/100#
40 T2B
60/40 Cal Assault (100/80 AD)

WOD Notes: Goal is 3+rds. This is a “you go”, “I go” partner WOD. Make sure to pedal at 90%+ effort on the bike since you have built in rest. You can break up the work anyway you’d like.

Banded Hollow Rocks – Accumulate 3 minutes

REMINDER: Please check to see if you have anything in the “Lost & Found” Bin. Anything that doesn’t get claimed is being thrown out this Friday, March 1st.

2/25/2019 – WOD

a) Bulgarian Split Squats – 5×5 (each leg – heavier than last wk)
b) Bicep Curls – 5×10 (DB at the same time)
—Superset a/b

Conditioning (17 min cap)
10 Devil Presses 50/35#
15 Box Jump Overs 24/20″
25/18 Cal Ski

WOD Notes: No rebounding is allowed on the box jump overs. Goal is to avg 3:30-4 min rounds. Scale the weight on the DB & height of the box if necessary. The 10 Devil presses should take between 60-70 sec when fatigued. Box Jump overs should take 30-45 secs. Ski should take 75-90 secs.

Weighted Plank – 10 sets: 30 sec on / 30 sec off

2/22/2019 – WOD

Make-up/Skill Day!
Open WOD 19.1 has been announced.
15 Min AMRAP
19 Wall Balls 20/14# to 10/9ft Target
19 Cal Row
***Saturday – we will run heats every 20 minutes starting at 8:30am. Attached is a google spreadsheet where you can sign-up for a heat and if you want a target. If you can’t make it Saturday that is fine. You may do it Friday, Sunday, or Monday, but you must find a judge! Reminder: Week 1 Scoring Criteria: Team who raises more money for our Charity of choice! Good luck everyone and let’s have some fun!

19.1 Heat List

2/21/2019 – WOD

20 min to work on 1-2 skills of your choice
—Examples: Handstand Walks, Muscle-ups, T2B, Rope Climbs, etc.

14 Min Running Clock – Partner WOD
Partner A: 5 Sq Cleans (55%) + 10 T2B
Partner B: Row For Max Cals
—You will switch once partner A finishes 1 RD of (5 Sq clean + 10 T2B)

WOD Notes: Score = total cals. Do not reset monitors! Cleans can be singles or touch n go, but shouldn’t feel super heavy or light. Focus on moving well today (like always). Try to push the pace on the rower 90%+, but don’t go all out.

2/20/2019 – WOD

Push Press – Work up to a heavy single, then do 3×10 @ 70%

15 Min AMRAP
15/11 Cal Ski
8 DB Hang Cleans 70/45#
15 DB Bench Press 70/45#
15/12 Cal Assault (30/24 AD)

WOD Notes: Goal is to avg 3:30-4 min/rd. If you need to use different DB’s for the WOD that’s ok, but try to stick with one set of weights. Cleans and DB bench should be unbroken for most of the WOD.

a) GHD Sit-ups – 4×25 + 30 sec hold at parallel
b) Reverse GHD Sit-up Hold – Accumulate 3 minutes

2/19/2019 – WOD

Snatch (full) – 7×2 @ 70-90% (one set every 90 secs)
—Try to do the 2 reps in under 20 secs. 

For Time
25 Deadlifts 225/155# (45%)
15 Strict Pull-ups
100 Double Unders
20 Deadlifts 275/185# (55%)
12 Strict Pull-ups
80 Double Unders
15 Deadlifts 315/205# (65%)
9 Strict Pull-ups
60 Double Unders

WOD Notes: DL should be touch n go for the majority of the reps (only if you can maintain a good position). Strict PU scale = banded strict pu or ring rows (start under with knees bent to simulate Pull-up). DU scale = 2x DU or 50/40/30 DU by round.

Ring AB Roll outs – 5×15
—just like a barbell ab rollout, but use the low rings & pause when hips rise. Rest 90 sec between.

2/18/2019 – WOD

a) Bulgarian Split Squats – 4×6 (each leg – heavier than 2 wks ago)
b) One Arm High Pulls – 4×10 (each arm)
—Superset a/b. Split squats should feel challenging for 6 reps but not a max.

Conditioning (12 Min Running Clock)
For Time – Open WOD 18.2/18.2A
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Reps of:
Dumbbell Squats (2 x 50/35 #)
Bar Facing Burpees
Then, “18.2 A”
1 Rep Max Clean

WOD Notes: Compare score to last year. Make sure your bar is preloaded before the WOD starts.

Weighted Plank – 5 sets: 60 sec on / 60 sec off (heavier than last wk)

2/16/2019 – WOD

3 RFT (with a partner)
20 (Power Snatch + Hang Power Snatch) 135/95#
60 Wall Balls 30/20# to 10/9ft
80/60 Cal Row

WOD Notes: RX+ = 155/105#, INT = 115/75#, 20/14# WB, SC = 65-85#/35-65#, 14/10# WB. One partner works at a time for the entire WOD. Alternate rep for rep on the BB complex. Id recommend sets of 10-15 on the WB. The row is meant to be fast since there’s built in rest. You should be able to hold a fast pace each round.

We will be having teams this year for the 2019 CF Open! It will be Boys against Girls! If you signed up for a shirt you are automatically participating. If you didn’t sign-up for a shirt, but still want to participate please let me know by Monday!! Scoring will be different each week and will be fun this year! We will do the Open WOD’s every Saturday for the next 5 weeks. You will need to sign-up for a heat each week and you’ll be responsible for warming up on your own!