1/30/2013 – WOD

Weighted/Banded Strict Pullups 5×5 (Choose a weight/band that will make the 5th rep tough each set)

Conditioning (Time Cap: 35 min)
Buy in: Run 1200m (3 Laps)
5 Rounds of:
12 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
15 High Wall Balls to (12/10′) target w/ 20/14lb
30 Double Unders
Buy out: Run 1200m (3 Laps)


1/29/2013 – WOD

Press Complex 5x (3 Press, 2 Push Press, 1 Push Jerk) @ 85% of 1RM Press

3 Hang Power Clean n Jerk 205/145lb (70%)
6 Burpees over Bar
***Top of every minute do 4 KB Snatches 53/35lb (2 each arm)
—Rest 1 min
3 Hang Power Clean n Jerk 185/125lb (65%)
6 Burpees over Bar
***Top of every minute do 4 KB Snatches 53/35lb (2 each arm)
—Rest 2 min
3 Hang Power Clean n Jerk 165/105lb (60%)
6 Burpees over Bar
***Top of every minute do 4 KB Snatches 53/35lb (2 each arm)


1/28/2013 – WOD

Back Squat 3×10 (Go as heavy as possible for all 3 sets)

4 Rounds For Total Reps (1 Min for each movement w/ 10 sec rest between)
1) Behind the neck BB lunges (heavy)
2) Ring Rows *Use weighted vest if available
3) Tire Flips (Do w/ partner if too heavy)
4) Farmer’s Carry 70/53lb KB. (count # laps)
5) Air Dyne (calories)
—Rest 1 minute


1/27/2013 – REST DAY!

-Great Job to everyone today who showed up and participated in the fun Partner WOD! Rest up tomorrow and get ready for another tough week of WOD’s! The Open is right around the corner! Registration begins January 30th!

-Open Gym: 12-4pm. Come in and work on mobility, oly lifts, or any goals you want to improve.

1/26/2013 – WOD

“Snow Partner WOD” (Between you and your partner complete the following reps)
100 Overhead Squats 95/65lb (Partner not working must hold a Plank)
100 Pull-ups (Partner not working must hold the barbell at the top of a deadlift)
100 Med Ball Sit-ups 20/14lb
100 Double Dutch Burpees over Bar
200 Double Unders OR 400 Singles (Partner not working must do 10 behind neck lunges before switching)
Row 2,000m (Partner must do 1 rope climb 20′ before switching)

WOD Notes: I will go over the standards for each movement and ways you can scale each of them. This will be a fun partner WOD that will keep both teammates active the entire time with little rest periods. Lets have fun with it Ragers!


1/25/2013 – WOD

Deadlift 5×2 (Work up to 75-80% of 1RM) *Reset after each rep and focus on speed off the ground

12 Min AMRAP
3 Box Jumps 36/27″
6 Deadlifts 225/155lb (50% of 1RM)
9 Burpees


Shayne setting up for his 275lb DL for 20+ reps

1/24/2013 – WOD

12 Min to Establish 1RM Rack Jerk

Thruster 10-8-6-4-2 reps 165/105lb (65-70% of 1RM)
Double Unders 50-40-30-20-10
***At the top of every minute do 4 Pistols
—Rest 5 minutes
5 Min AMRAP on Air Dyne for total miles or calories

WOD Notes: This is a fairly heavy metcon, so if you want to scale the weight and do more reps such as 14-12-10-8-6 that’s ok. The scaling for double unders is 2x singles. Scaling for the pistols are walking lunges. Other ways will be demonstrated during class.


5pm class doing a fun group warm-up

1/23/2013 – WOD

1) 12 Min to Find 1RM Power Clean
2) 3x Max Effort Strict Weighted/Band Pull-ups

5 Rounds For Time (Each Round is ALL OUT!)
6 Power Cleans 205/135lb (70-75% of 1RM)
12 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
250m Row
—Rest 2 minutes between rounds

WOD Notes: The goal is to touch and go all 6 power cleans, but it isn’t necessary. Choose a band that will get you 12 pull-ups unbroken, but is still a challenge. Since this is an anaerobic threshold/interval WOD, each round must be performed all out, especially the row. If you want to substitute air dyne (.3 mile) each round instead of the row, you may do that.


1/22/2013 – WOD

Bench Press 5×3 (90% of 1RM)

10-20-30 Reps
Burpee/Toe to Bar
KB Swings 88/53lb
720′ Shuttle Run after each Round (12 Laps inside Rage)

WOD Notes: Burpee should be performed under pull-up rig, so that you can jump right into the toe to bar. The shuttle runs will start on the wall where pull-up rig is and go to the opposite side where rowers are. You must touch the walls each lap.


5pm class