7/10/2017 – WOD

a) Back Squat – 5×5 @ 80%
—Stamina = 50 Back squats for Time at 50% of 1RM
b) One Arm High Pull – 3×10 (use the 10 rep max of your weaker arm for the upcoming workouts)
*Superset a & b together only if you’re doing the strength squats*

15 Min AMRAP
60/50 Cal Row
250m Sled Drag 70/35#
20 BearHug Sandbag/Dball Squats 150/100#

WOD Notes: TD = 1-2 rds. Larger classes will have to stagger 4 min. Use a sandbag or ball that will challenge you to do the squats in 2-3 sets. Hold the bag/ball at chest level with arms wrapped around!

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