7/17/2017 – WOD

a) Back Squat – 5×5 @ 82.5%
—Stamina = 50 Back squats for Time at 53% of 1RM (little heavier than Fri)
b) One Arm High Pull – 3×8 @ 100% 10 rep max
*Superset a & b together only if you’re doing the strength squats*

For Time (18 min cap)
100 Wall Balls 20/14# To 10ft
50 Burpee DB Ground to OH 45/30#
30/25 Cal Bike (18/12 Assault)

WOD Notes: TD = 11-17 min. The goal of this WOD is to be under the 18 min cap!! You will get cut off after 18 min, so scale the reps if you have to! You should be able to do 20+ reps in a row on the WB, so go lighter in order to achieve this if necessary! WB should take no more than 6 min. DB should also feel very light to where you can keep moving the entire time! The bike at the end is just a kick to the gut to where I want you to sprint ALL OUT to the finish! Large classes may have to stagger 5 minutes. Advanced athletes should be going in first heat.

Katie & Dianne

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