10/4/2017 – WOD

Clean n Jerk (full) – 1 rep every 1:00 for 12 sets @ 90% (12 reps)

9-15-21-27 Reps of:
Overhead Squat 125/85#
Row (cals)

WOD Notes: TD = 10-16 min. OH squats should be unbroken every round and be challenging for the rd of 27. Do front squats if OH mobility is limited. T2b scale = 5/10/15/20 by rd if you have trouble linking or knee above hips (same rep scheme).

a) Bulgarian Split Squats (front rack) – 4×6 each leg (60% of FS)
—rest 60 sec between legs
b) DB Bent-over Rows – 4×10 (each arm – pause at top)
c) GHD Sit-up Hold – 3×60 sec (advanced hold weight on chest)

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