10/5/2017 – WOD

Snatch (full) – 1 rep every 1:00 for 12 sets @ 90% (12 reps)

3 Rounds For Time With a Partner
250m Partner Sled Drag 120/80#
40 Bench Press @ 70%
100/80 Cal AD Bike (60/40 Assault)

WOD Notes: TD = 20-28 min. The sled drag should be a slow jog the entire time & you shouldn’t have to walk much of it. Put less weight on the sled if you can’t run each round. You should switch every 5 reps on the bench press (4×5 each/rd). For the bike, you can switch every 25/20 cals & these should be treated as sprints. Benches should be set-up during the “strength” to minimize transition time.

a) DB/plate Lateral/Side/Rear Delt Raises – 3×12 (do all 3 exercises as superset)
—Lower weights down slow.
b) One Arm Farmers Carry – 3x100m (50m each arm – use 35-40% of DL)
—Use straps if you have them.

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