2/12/2018 – WOD

Back Squat – 20 min to work up to a heavy single

Conditioning (20 min cap)
5 Rounds For Time
18 DB Walking Lunges 45/30# (open standard)
15 DB Facing Burpees
12/9 Cal Ski

WOD Notes: TD = 14-19 min. You may hold KB in front rack position if there isn’t a pair of DB available. For the DB facing burpees, line up the DB side by side so that you have a wider target to jump over.

a) Strict C2B Pull-ups (supinated grip) – 5×8 or accumulate 40 reps. Scale = 20 negatives
b) Weighted Plank: 10 sets: 30 sec on/ 30 sec off (heavier than last wk)

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