5/14/2020 – WOD

5pm Weightlifting Zoom
Password: 380734

5:45pm Zoom WOD
Meeting ID: 754 5082 1598
Password: 2Zu3YX

a) Clean (full) – 3×5 (heavy – take less than a min for 5 reps)
b) Push Press – 5×5 (heavy)

2 Min AMRAP x 5 Sets
7 Power Clean 225/155# (75%)
3 Wall Climbs (RX+ = 50ft HS Walk)
Max Double Unders
—rest 1 min between rounds

WOD Notes: The goal is to have 45 sec+ on the jump rope each round. PC should be quick singles and take about 45 sec max & WC should take about 30 sec. Scale WC back to 2 reps if necessary or do 20 Shoulder Taps in pike position. Score = max double under reps. If you can’t do double unders, I still want you to try instead of singles. If you don’t have a rope, its max burpees. If you only have DB’s, its 14 DB Power Cleans each round (2x the amount of barbell – unless you have really have DB’s).

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