5/15/2020 – WOD

6:30am Zoom WOD
Meeting ID: 732 8731 7367
Password: 8adGHk

5:30pm Zoom WOD
Meeting ID: 795 6702 2021
Password: 0r05M2

6:30pm Zoom Bingo
Password: 906550

-2 Min Cardio (Run, Bike, Row, Ski)
-10 Suitcase DL (5R+5L)
-10 DB Hang Cleans
-10 DB Push Press + 50ft OH Carry (each arm)
-30 Double Unders or 30 Double Hip Tap Jumps
-20 Mountain Climbers
-10 Burpees
-30 Sec Hollow Rock
-10 Single Leg Glute Bridges + Pause (each side)

For Time
20 DB (alternating) Hang Snatches 60/40#
30/25 Cal Assault Bike
40 DB (alternating) Hang Snatches 60/40#
50/40 Cal Assault Bike
60 DB (alternating) Hang Snatches 60/40#
70/55 Cal Assault Bike

WOD Notes: DB should feel relatively light to where you can rep through at least 10-15 reps unbroken even when fatigued. Think of the hang db snatches as a one arm swing & guide the db close by bringing elbow up as you finish with your hips & squeeze butt at the top of each rep. If you don’t have an assault bike, you can do the same amount of cals on a rower/ski erg, Run 600/1000/1200m by round, or ride your bicyle for 1000/1500/2000m by round. The cardio portion should take around 2/3/4 min by round.

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