2/20/2021 – WOD

Conditioning (with partner)
10-20-30-40-50 Reps of:
Deadlifts 225/155#  (RX+ = 245/165#)
Double Dutch Burpees
—Then Immediately into:
50-40-30-20-10 Reps of:
DB Lunges 50/35#
2 Arm DB Snatches 50/35#

WOD Notes:¬†Goal is sub 25 min. The entire WOD is “you go, I go” except for the burpees you will work at the same time. You must stand up your burpees before jumping over bar. DL = 50% of your max. Should be able to touch n go majority of reps. You can break up the work as needed. DB’s should be on the shoulders for the lunges. The entire workload is 75 reps for each movement/person.

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