9/6/2021 – WOD

“Nickman” – 10 RFT w/ a Partner
200m DB Farmer Carry
10 Weighted Pull-ups (35/25#)
20 Alternating DB Power Snatches (55/35#)  RX+ = 70/50#
—Men use one 55# & one 35# DB. Women use one 35# & one 25# DB for FC

WOD Notes: Goal is sub 35 min. Complete the FC in less than 1:30. Use the same DB weight for FC & DB Snatches. You will do the FC at the same time & carry one DB. You will then come in and split up the work as needed. The FC will be to the “Cantel” Sign & back in. Make PU challenging for 5 reps each & DB Snatches heavy for 10 reps each.

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