12/23/2021 – WOD

1 Snatch EMOM x 12 Min
—Start @ 70% & work up to a heavy single. Take more time towards the end if needed.

12 DB Hang Snatch 70/50#
24 Lateral Step overs (bench)
12/10 Cal Ski

WOD Notes: Goal is 13-17 min. You don’t have to alternate on the DB Hang Snatches. You can do 6R+6L. You must open up (stand) on the lateral step overs (no weight), but try to rebound each rep & be dynamic like you’re running. 

a) L-Sit Tap overs (KB or a line) – 5×20 or 10×10
b) DB Bicep Curls – 5×20 (alternating)

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