12/28/2021 – WOD

Bench Press – 15 Min to work up to a heavy single
—Go for a PR if you feel strong. If not, work up to 90%+

8 Rounds (interval style)
12/12/10/10/8/8/6/6 Push Jerks (increase every 2 rds)
10 T2B  (RX+ = 12)
8 Bar Facing Burpees
—Rest 1 min between rounds

WOD Notes: Goal is sub 1:30 every rd. PJ = 50/55/60/65% every 2 rds (you be able to go unbroken but be challenging. T2B sub = 8 Reps or Weighted leg Raises/sit-ups, Hang knee raises, or V-ups. Jump over the bar if you’re capable of it!

a) DB Bench Press – 4×8 (3 sec eccentric)
b) Trunk Rotation (pulley) – 3×8 (each side)

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