12/27/2021 – WOD

Back Squat – 15 Min to Work up to a heavy Single
—Go for a PR if you feel strong. If not, work up to 90%+

9 Front Squats 155/105 (55%)
15 DB Hang Pwr Cleans 50/35#
21/18 Cal Ski

WOD Notes: Goal is 12-15 minutes. FS should be unbroken each rd, but feel challenging. DB HPC should be done in 1-2 sets each rd. Make sure ot finish each rep with one head of DB on shoulder. 

a) Weighted Plank – 10 Sets: 30 sec on / 30 sec off
b) Strict Pull-ups – 5 EMOM x 10 Sets (advanced = C2B)

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