1/6/2022 – WOD

3 Cleans + 3 Jerks x 5 Sets @ 70-80%
—One set every 2 minutes. Work up to a heavy complex at the end.

10 RFT
4 DB Clean n Jerk 70/45#
6 C2B Pull-ups (RX+ = 3-4 Bar MU)
8 Push-ups (hands on DB) (RX+ = 10)
***Complete 2x200ft on versa climber at some point in the WOD.

WOD Notes: Goal = 13-17 min. You should be able to avg around 1 min/rd. Versa Climber should take around 2 min each time you get on it. DB’s should be relatively challenging for 4 reps each round & not feel like a paper weight! Only one head has to touch the ground. You will follow one person for the versa climber portion of the workout.  

a) L-sit (tapovers) – 5×20 (use kB or lift feet up/over line)
b) DB Bench Press – 5×8 (3 sec eccentric)

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